Chesapeake, Virginia Walmart mass shooting: up to 10 people feared dead

Over 40 police cars are currently surrounding a Chesapeake, Virginia, Walmart parking lot; where a mass shooting unfolded on Tuesday night.

Up to 10 victims are feared dead, according to local authorities. While some shoppers were able to get away, and several wounded received immediate treatment. The total number of deceased wil be realeased in the morning, according to local reports.

At this moment it is unclear if the shooter was an employee of the store or a random assailant.

Local police are urging residents who fear a loved one may have been impacted, to stay away from the store and visit the Chesapeake Conference Center.

The Walmart where the tragic scene unfolded is located off of Battlefield Blvd, at Sam’s Circle.

Statement by local police on the Chesapeake Walmart shooting

Chesapeake police spokesman Leo Kosinski said in a briefing that police arrived to a scene that was no longer active. Kosinski said that the shooting “had stopped” when officers arrived.

Officers found multiple people dead and injured in the store, and put rescue teams together to go inside and provide life-saving measures.

Police believe there was only one shooter, who is dead. They believe that the shooting had stopped when police arrived, Kosinski said. He did not have a number of dead, but said it was “no more than 10.”

This is a developing story and will be updated…