A historic record, Rabiot as a hero, one more injured… The Tops and Flops of France-Australia

After a catastrophic start, the French team finally won (4-1) without shaking too much for this first match of the World Cup. Scorer of a double, Olivier Giroud made history when Lucas Hernandez unfortunately had a terrible night. Here are the Tops and Flops of this France-Australia.

The Tops of France-Australia

Rabiot as a hero

Very regularly decried by the French public, Adrien Rabiot is not really the most popular player in the French team. After this match, things could well change. Sounding the revolt, the Duke indeed released the Tricolors from a very bad step in the first half. First a scorer on a superb cross from Théo Hernandez, the former Parisian then turned into a distributor of caviar for Olivier Giroud. His second half was a little more discreet.

Giroud equals Henry

Unwittingly taking advantage of Karim Benzema’s package, Olivier Giroud won his starting spot in the last days before the competition. By offering himself a wonderful double, the Rossoneri striker came a little closer to the title of the only top scorer in the history of the French team this evening. With 51 units on the counter, he comes back up to Thierry Henry. Barring disaster, the native of Chambéry should soon inscribe his name definitively in the annals of French football, as soon as possible we hope. When he returned from the locker room, he was very close to scoring one of the goals of the year. His acrobatic recovery unfortunately comes close to the amount of the Australian goalkeeper. Kylian Mbappé finally gives him the goal we’ve all been waiting for.

Theo Hernandez as boss

In addition to his undeniable contribution, the Milanese showed great mental strength. Not easy indeed to enter the game so early in the place of his brother who leaves seriously injured. The 25-year-old didn’t take long to shine though. His perfect center for Adrien Rabiot allows the Blues to equalize quickly and not to doubt. With 4 chances created, he totally changed the face of the game.

Griezmann smiles again

His start to the season with the Colchoneros is not easy but as always Grizou shines as soon as he wears the beaten jersey of the Rooster. Placed behind Olivier Giroud, the Mâconnais proved all his qualities as a creator and a metronome. He indeed excels in this role of number 10. His offensive contribution is striking when we look at the statistics (6 key passes, 3 chances created, 5 successful crosses). Some doubted the state of form of the Madrilenian, he made everyone agree by offering us a real recital.

France-Australia Flops

Lucas Hernandez’s Nightmare

Unfortunately, the Bayern Munich defender could not have had a worse night. For the 2018 world champion, it is indeed the double penalty. Too easily obliterated by Mathew Leckie, he was involved in the Australians’ opener. Unfortunately, the misfortunes did not stop there for the former Colchoneros player. Hit in the knee, the 26-year-old defender was forced to give way to his brother Theo. We obviously hope that the World Cup is not already over for the native of Marseille. His defeated mine when he left unfortunately did not bode well.

Pavard found guilty

The Bayern Munich side will have to do much better to keep his starting position. His attitude on the opening of the Socceros is not at all good, he indeed drops the mark on Craig Goodwin who only has to push the ball into the back of the net. The rest of his performance does not plead in his favor either. The duo he forms with Ousmane Dembélé in the right lane lacks complementarity and automatisms.