World Cup 2022: Who is Alex Scott? The pundit and former footballer who defied Qatar

On Monday FIFA announced that any team that dares to wear armbands or any symbol in support of the LGBT community at the Qatar 2022 World Cup will be sanctioned.

This caused participating countries to succumb to the threat, including England. However, the image of pundit Alex Scott made news around the world: while covering England’s match against Iran, she wore the rainbow-colored armband.

It’s already become one of the most powerful images from a World Cup that is only three days old. As a result, we’ve taken a closer look at Alex Scott, the pundit who has defied the laws of Qatar.

The photo of Alex Scott wearing the armband in support of LGBT+

The ‘Three Lions’ ended up beating Iran, but Scott was the star of that match. The pundit and former footballer is a known advocate for LGBT and minorities.

Scott’s story is full of suffering and vindication. She was a professional footballer, playing with the likes of Arsenal and the Boston Breakers in the United States.

Off the field, she is a fervent fighter for equality in sport: “Progress is being made, but we have a long way to go, in all sectors. The conversation is very important and we need to keep talking about it.”

Her mental health and alcohol problems

Scott’s childhood wasn’t easy and she told her story in her book ‘How (Not) to Be Strong’, where she recounts how her father would hit her mother: “All I could do was lie there and pray that my mother would be alive in the morning.”

In the book she opens up and acknowledges that she went through mental health issues, along with an addiction to alcohol: “I remember going in front of the mirror, looking at myself and I couldn’t understand why I was crying uncontrollably. From the outside, everything is fine. I have a job where I was super happy in that part of my life. I should have been celebrating and happy, but I was so sad and drank a lot of alcohol.”