Towards a takeover of OM by CMA CGM? The trend continues


In recent weeks, several voices have announced the possible sale of OM to CMA CGM in the coming months. However, the shipowner does not intend to go further than a partnership. Potential buyers do not seem to be rushing to the gate to buy the Olympian institution for the moment.

Frank McCourt and Pablo Longoria, Olympique de Marseille, OM

Last week, journalist Daniel Riolo animated the ranks of Marseille Twittos by announcing that the CMA CGM could go a little further than sponsoring with OM. Thibaud Vézirian, who announced a sale of the Marseille club for almost two years, followed suit. But the transaction seems far from over, and for good reason!

According to information obtained by Sportunethe CMA CGM does not want to acquire the Olympian institution. “No, there is no question of taking over the club”said a source at the website that belongs to 20 minutes. Information that goes in the direction of the comments made by Rodolphe Saadé, the boss of the group: “A takeover of the club? No. My intention is to put this partnership in place, to develop it with OM and I think that makes a lot of sense. For OM, it’s a strategic partnership that we’re putting in place and I think that’s enough.”he had dropped on the airwaves of France Inter.

Mohamed Bouhafsi, who keeps many contacts in the world of football, for his part said that Frank McCourt had set a price of between 350 and 400 million euros to sell OM. The journalist from France 5 also indicated that no investor had come forward to buy it back from him. Finally, the clan of Al-Walid ben Talal also argued that acquiring the Marseille club was not in their intentions. So everything suggests that OM will not change hands in the coming months.