World Cup 2022: Bale steps up and saves Wales

When Gareth Bale ended a golden era at Real Madrid and left for Los Angeles in June, it wasn’t just to go to Hollywood. His eyes were set on the World Cup, a tournament he wants to play a lead role in, because how Wales fare at the tournament will largely depend on his performances.

His first appearance ended with the MVP and the role of savior when he equalized to save them from the jaws of defeat. As for the United States, they paid for their drop in performance in the second half.

Bale steps up and saves Wales

A Super Bowl in Qatar… Can you imagine?

The craziest ideas are crazy until they no longer are, and the World Cup in Qatar during winter in Europe is proof of that. After seeing the huge World Cup trophy, the fireworks across the center of the field, The Star-Spangled Banner thundering on the speakers or “U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!” chants bellowing, who’s to say the Super Bowl can’t end up here? All it needs is for a sheikh to take a fancy…..

Bale steps up and saves Wales

Cold, but not that cold

Air conditioning in stadiums is one of those things that didn’t get a lot of attention before the tournament, but this time things went well. After several complaints about the cold temperatures during the first few games of the World Cup, the USA and Wales match went smoothly. Short sleeves until half-time, sweatshirt in the second half, and then off to the hotel.

Bale steps up and saves Wales

Wales found it hard to wake up

There was one statistic that highlighted Wales’ dismal start, as they struggled to even to get into the opposing half. After 45 minutes, 49 with the four minutes of added time, they had two yellow cards (Bale and Mepham) and zero shots on goal. There was no sense of danger until they managed to correct things and get forward. The final result? Two yellow cards and three shots on target.

Bale steps up and saves Wales

A little bit of Bale… is a lot

The star for Wales, for better or worse, has a name and surname: Gareth Bale. His performance ranged from underwhelming to crucial. No longer the player he was at Euro 2020, or in 2016, because time passes for everyone. However, in the blink of an eye, he won a penalty and fired it home as well. His celebrations in unison with the Welsh fans was priceless.

Bale steps up and saves Wales

But what about Pulisic?

With the No.10 on his shoulder, everyone knows Pulisic is someone to look out for whenever he’s on the field. It’s no surprise he picked up the ball in the attacking third, cut through the defense and played a fantastic assist. He made several similar forays late on and almost won a penalty. This World Cup can relaunch a very promising career, but he will also need to overcome the inconsistency that has plagued him at Chelsea.

Bale steps up and saves Wales

Timothy, son of George Weah

For those that don’t know, Google will help them: Timothy Weah is the son of legendary striker George Weah. The only African Ballon d’Or winner, he never played in a World Cup, but he can now say he has a son that’s scored at one.