Tom Brady re-signs controversial flag involved in expensive lawsuit

NFL legend Tom Brady has re-signed a fan’s flag which the fan claims was ruined by the New England Patriots‘ Hall of Fame after they displayed it incorrectly.

The fan in question, Daniel Vitale, was extremely angry earlier in the year after he had donated the unique American flag to the Hall of Fame that is run by the Patriots.

The flag had been signed by Brady which is why it was so special and worthy of being in the Hall of Fame, but he says that the club ruined the signature by displaying it incorrectly in a way that has damaged it.

Brady and the flag

Vitale decided to share some pictures of the flag, one with how the signature looked in the early 2000s when it was first signed, and one that shows the ‘T’ has almost faded away due to how it has been stored at the Hall of Fame.

Vitale then filed a lawsuit over the damage and he claims that the flag was worth over one million dollars. He has asked the Patriots for damages.

According to TMZ Sports though, the situation has now been sorted with Vitale to an extent after the Patriots got Brady to come and sign the flag again in the same spot. Due to the size of the new signature, he thinks it is worth much more than one million dollars now.

Vitale is now trying to sell the flag and is taking offers, clearly feeling that he can now make his fortune from the item.

With some of the proceeds though, he told TMZ Sports that he is planning to do some good, presumably meaning that some of the money will be redirected to charity.