World Cup 2022: USMNT’s Tyler Adams earns the ‘Captain America’ armband in a very special way

The USMNT’s captain armband did not have an assigned player under Gregg Berhalterthe ‘s tenure, it would shift around different players, sort of a council of leaders that would take on the captain tasks, that was until they entered the World Cup rules where they had to assign the responsibility to a single player, and that player was Tyler Adams.

Ruled captain by election

The midfielder Tyler Adams will captain the team as they try to make take the coveted first place by opening their offensive strategies against Gareth Bale and the rest of Wales.

While Pulisic would be the go-to choice, Adams was selected democratically and he has the whole team’s support, including Gregg Berhalter’s approval “We’re proud to announce Tyler’s the captain for the World Cup, he leads by his actions and his words, so we’re proud to have him as a captain.”

Gregg Berhalter’s comments reassure the team’s decision

“Tyler’s the guy that’s just mature beyond his years and you notice it from from the minute you start talking to him,” Berhalter elaborated “And, you know, I can go on and on about his, you know, the strengths of Tyler but I think the other thing about him is humility, and he’s a guy that the teammates know exactly what they’re gonna get from them. They know that he’s gonna go out on the field and compete, they know that he’s gonna be thinking about the game. They know that he’s gonna be into the details of the game, you know, not just a competitor. He’s also a strategist. And I think that helps the group because you know, he calms people down. And he’s the guy that people get behind.”

Clint Dempsey was the last captain when the USMNT last played in Brazil

Adams who is signed to the New York Red Bulls will take on the position that was occupied by Clint Dempsey in Brazil, Carlos Bocanegra in South Africa, and Claudio Reyna who led the USMNT in both Germany and Japan/South Korea.

Adams accepts the honor

Adams accepted the task proudly “It’s a huge honor for me, obviously, to be named captain of this team,” Adams said. “Obviously a very young team but a lot of credit to my teammates because anyone throughout our leadership council can wear that armband and represent us with pride and represent us in the right way. … We’ve established that we all lead in different ways so that anyone can represent us on any given day and represent us well.”