Vézirian comforted by Riolo’s words


Thibaud Vézirian reacted to the remarks made by Daniel Riolo, concerning the possible sale of OM at the CMA-CGM. The former columnist The Team saw there the confirmation of what he has been announcing for… a year and a half.

Frank McCourt

In February 2021, Thibaud Vézirian promised that OM was in the process of being sold by Frank McCourt to a Saudi investment fund. The former of The Team even said a statement was being drafted. Although the document in question was never released, Vézirian never let go and always claimed to have proof. Marseille supporters gradually lost faith in his announcements.

“The change of era is coming”

Last week, Daniel Riolo commented on the arrival of the CMA-CGM as OM’s main sponsor. The journalist from RMC Sports thinks the possibility of its CEO (Rodolphe Saadé) buying the club is serious: “These are files that are extremely sensitive, and you understand that everyone is denying it. These are files where anything can happen, where things are discussed. And I maintain that it is a reflection. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but I think this first step calls out to me.”, he said in particular. An intervention that made Thibaud Vézirian react on Twitch : “I’m happy not to have let go since the evidence is coming. The change of era is coming, it’s been on the rails for months. »

Frank McCourt has always denied considering selling OM. Journalist on France Television, Mohamed Bouhafsi nevertheless indicated that a rate had been set for the Marseille club. The American billionaire would expect a large sum to sell: “I have maintained the same thing for two years, if Frank McCourt has 350 or 400 million euros on the table, he will think about selling OM. On the other hand, I don’t think anyone wants to put them on, as several experts and some new OM partners have said.”he said during a visit to theAfter Foot.

OM has posted chronic deficits since McCourt’s arrival in 2016. In any case, it is not clear that the American will continue his investments for a long time.