The moment Shakira confessed her love for Pique and FC Barcelona on stage

In 2011, Pique and Shakira were at the height of their romance. The now separated couple met at the 2010 South Africa World Cup, where Shakira performed her song ‘Waka Waka’ at the opening celebration concert. It was love at first sight between the Spanish international footballer and the Colombian singer, and they quickly became one of the most adored celebrity couples.

During the couple’s relationship, when everything was well and good, Shakira made several romantic references to the former Barcelona footballer. In her 2017 hit “I fell in love”, for example, she talks about her infatuation for Pique which she felt after meeting him in South Africa. “I thought: this is still a child, but what am I going to do to him? With you I would have 10 children, let’s start with a couple”, she says.

Shakira’s spectacular performance before the 2006 World Cup final

In 2011, just one year after she met Pique at the World Cup, the singer gave a concert at ‘Rock in Rio’ in Rio de Janeiro, in front of 100,000 people. At one point Shakira invited Brazilian singer Ivete Sangalo to the stage and the two performed a duet of Jorge Ben Jor’s hit, Tropical Country, released in 1969.

The Colombian remixed one part of the song, replacing it with “Soy del Bara, soy cul”, which in English means “I’m a Barca fan, I’m a Cul”. ‘Cul’ is the nickname used to describe fans of the Catalan club.

Fans couldn’t get enough of the moment and screamed with joy at the Pique reference.

Latest references to Pique

Now, things couldn’t be more different. In the Colombian’s latest two hits, she’s slammed her ex by referencing the footballer’s “narcissism” and describing him as “cold as Christmas”.

‘Te felicito’ and ‘Monotona’ are inspired by Pique’s behavior before his split with the singer. In both songs she expresses her feelings caused by the rupture, which has clearly caused her much emotional pain.