Jennifer Lopez opens up about her reunion with Ben Affleck after more than 17 years

Like a fairytale, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reunited in 2021 after breaking off their relationship and engagement in 2004 after a passionate relationship of about two years and, just this past summer, they were united in marriage.

But how was this possible, to reunite after so many years? JLo revealed all in an interview with Vogue magazine…

How did JLo and Ben Affleck get back together?

Although after their breakup in 2004 they both continued with their lives, being successful in their own work fields, but also in their personal lives, as they both started their own families.

JLo, for her part, married Marc Anthony, with whom she had twins. While the actor had three children, a product of his relationship with Jennifer Garner. However, after several years both couples split.

After their failed marriages, the celebrities gave love another chance: JLo with Alex Rodriguez and Ben with Ana de Armas.

Later, the singer ended her relationship with Alex Rodriguez and Affleck did the same with the Cuban actress.

When both were single again, the press questioned Affleck about JLo in an interview, to which he responded subtly.

However, the actor decided to contact his ex-partner via email.

The talk between the two flowed and they agreed to see each other. “We didn’t date in public,” Lopez said.

Despite everything, “I never strayed from the fact that I always felt a true love there,” he detailed.

“When we reconnected, those feelings for me were still very real,” Lopez explained.

The two were seen together again in the summer of 2021 and a year later they said “I do” in a surprise wedding in Las Vegas.

In August they performed another marriage ceremony, accompanied by their loved ones, which was held at the mansion that the actor has in Riceboro, Georgia.