Boxing: Canelo Alvarez blames the press for the scandal of having Grupo Firme removed from his daughter’s quinceaera party

After the controversy that arose at his daughter Emily Cinnamon’s quinceaera party, in which Saul Canelo Alvarez allegedly had kicked out the musicians of Grupo Firme, the boxer said that his relationship with Eduin Caz is very good and took the opportunity to lash out against the media.

Canelo Alvarez vs. Grupo Firme

Canelo lvarez with his daughter Emily celebrating her birthday

Days after the party, information surfaced that Canelo had fired the musicians of the famous Mexican group. It was mentioned that the Mexican boxer had overdone it and treated the group badly, even some videos were leaked in which the Mexican champion supposedly ran them off, but today he clarified everything.

“The truth is that you guys in the media make a very big mess where there’s nothing, but well, that’s what you live off of and that’s fine,” Canelo Alvarez criticized the media during a question session at the presentation of his VMC drink. “I just talked to him, he’s coming on Monday because he’s going to be at the football thing.”

Canelo Alvarez and his relationship with Eduin Caz

Canelo recovering from left hand surgery@Canelo

While the media gave coverage to what was going on between Canelo and the leader of Grupo Firme, both characters laughed about everything that was said about them and what happened at the party that took place last month.

“We have a nice relationship, when the viral videos came out we talked and laughed and the truth is that my PR people asked me if I wanted to do something and the truth is that I don’t have to say anything,” concluded Canelo lvarez regarding the issue.

After the incident, Eduin Caz shared a photo on Instagram in which he said: “For the other one, we are still drinking”, with an image in which he was hugging the fighter.