UFC: Did Mark Zuckerberg rent out the entire UFC Apex for UFC Vegas 61?

Mark Zuckerberg was appalled about attending UFC Vegas 61 this Saturday, and many people started pondering if the tech billionaire had rented out the whole arena just so he could enjoy the fights at peace and with his wife without anyone bothering the couple.

Dana White had to make a statement

The speculation got so public that UFC big shot Dana White had to publicly make a statement that just the fact of supposing that was preposterous, or in his words, “total bullshit”

However, it does look as if he was there just with a few people, no fans, media, or anyone who were not part of the event was not seen.

Could he rent it out?

Some speculate that it was possible that Mark could’ve said he wanted to go and Dana was like “We’ll clear the Apex out for you if you do!” or maybe he “rent it out” or even worse could have been used for a Metaverse event and Facebook and UFC have worked something out.

Mark’s wife Pricilla Chan is a huge fan of Mackenzie Dern, so much so that she had a deck of cards with her card on it.

Tech moguls in a cage fight

It is no secret that Mark Zuckerberg has been a UFC fan for quite some time, and has been practicing lately, he’s uploaded some training sessions with his trainer, could this set a precedent for other tech giants to join the mix martial arts realm?

Amazon vs Tesla

Needless to say It would be very entertaining to watch a fight between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.