Chicago Bears: ‘I would never disrespect anyone,’ Justin Fields says, as he clears up talk about fans

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields caused controversy in the press conference after the loss against the Green Bay Packers last Sunday , when he commented that the fans “don’t put in any work.” After practice this Wednesday, the athlete clarified why he made such a comment and stressed that his goal was not to disrespect the fans.

“I was upset after the match. I would like to draw attention to that to clarify everything. But, there was something I said on Sunday after the game where I stated that fans don’t put any work in,” Fields said.

After the game on Sunday Night Football, the player commented that the loss “hurts more in the locker room than it does for the Bears fans, because at the end of the day, they’re not putting any work in.” The player’s lines soon resonated negatively.

“First, I was frustrated after the game. I didn’t want to come talk to you guys [press]. I didn’t feel like coming to talk to you guys. So I should have done a better job of explaining what I meant by that,” Fields said.

Fields justified what he said in a press conference

The No. 1 then finished his explanation: “What I meant by that is that I’m talking about the job in relation to the game on Sunday (18), winning the game. I don’t know any of the fans. I don’t know what they are doing in their personal lives. I respect every fan we have. I am happy that we have fans. I would never disrespect anyone about what they do or what they love to do.”

The Bears’ loss to the Packers in the primetime game showed a very underwhelming performance for the Chicago team, especially for Fields.

The quarterback finished the game with only 11 passes attempted, with seven of them completed for 70 yards, no touchdown, and also an interception late in the game. This season, Fields has 53.6% passing accuracy for 191 yards, two TDs, and two picks.