Mbappé, marabout … Paul Pogba delivers his truths and releases a great revelation


Paul Pogba delivers his truths and releases a great revelation

Posted on September 23, 2022 at 11:00 p.m. by Pierrick Levallet

At the heart of a terrible affair, Paul Pogba is seen in particular being accused of maraboutage against Kylian Mbappé by his big brother Mathias. The 2018 world champion then justified himself to the investigators. If he does not deny having used a marabout, the Juventus midfielder nevertheless claims that it would have absolutely nothing to do with the PSG star.

For some time now, Paul Pogba has found himself at the heart of a terrible case opposing him to his big brother Mathias. The latter would reproach the 2018 world champion for several facts, including recourse to a marabout to harm Kylian Mbappé, his teammate in French team. Paul Pogbawho denounced an extortion attempt as well as several threats, therefore justified himself to the investigators.

Pogba wanted to protect himself thanks to the marabout…

In comments reported by RMC Sports, Paul Pogba confirms having had recourse to a marabout “ black magic expert » named Ibrahim whom he has known since 2015. The latter would have been presented to him as someone capable of suppressing the ” negativity possibly present in him. ” I accepted Ibrahim’s help because I was told that there were people who wanted to harm me spiritually. To protect myself, I had donated money for charity so that this Ibrahim prayed for me “explains the midfielder of the Juventus.

… But he got tricked

But once taken to the apartment, Paul Pogba would have seen Roushdane – the conductor of the sequestration according to the tricolor international – inform him that they hold a USB key containing messages from a childhood friend transmitted to the marabout in which ” reference is made to a hypothetical commission from me to the marabout of a black magic or bill against my opponents “. In other words, Paul Pogba never intended to harm Kylian Mbappe but would have been the victim of a real plot aimed at putting pressure on him.

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