Tampa Bay Buccaneers are unsure Tom Brady will face Aaron Rodgers, he’s been added to the injury report

Tom Brady has been added to the injury list for the next game of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Green Bay Packers and their commander-in-chief Aaron Rodgers.

Following a discomfort nuance from his right finger, Tom Brady had been playing it cool when asked about what he was feeling, however, it seems that it has been confirmed that in fact, he is injured, or at least he is on the injury list for Friday.

It is now very painful, but it is ‘banged up’

When he was asked about his finger he said that “I feel great. It’s football season, so… yeah,”

Later, Brady spoke with his co-host of the Let’s Go! Podcast, Jim Gray, and told him that his finger got ‘banged up’ when playing the New Orleans Saints.

Tom Brady on facing Saints: It’s just a tough, hard-nosed team

He is added to the injury list

According to Rick Stroud who has the inside scoop from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brady was added to the list but has not been confirmed if he will play Rodgers on Sunday, September 25th.

Brady has played with injuries before

Brady has been known for having played through injuries in the past and has hidden them from everyone to avoid being at a disadvantage from the opposing team, and it has not been revealed if he will play on Sunday, however, there are many that assume he’ll suck it up and command his Superbowl-winning team.

Tampa Bay Vs Green Bay

Until now, Brady has 402 yards, has passed for two touchdowns, and has had an interception, while still managing to be 2-0. Aaron Rodgers will have a big challenge against the Buccaneer’s defense, and he will want to change his record, which is now 1-1.