FIA award Sauber Motorsport with Three-Star level in Environmental Accreditation Framework

Following relentless hard work towards making the team more sustainable and environmentally friendly, Sauber Motorsport have been recognised very highly by the FIA and have been awarded with the highest level of recognition.

The Swiss-based company have been awarded with the Three-Star level (highest achievable), on Motorsports governing body’s Environmental Accreditation Framework, something the team’s Managing Director hails as a “remarkable achievement”.

Sauber have been awarded with the fully-deserved achievement following extensive work into making sure the side employs best practice into areas, such as, environmental management.

It’s somewhat astonishing to believe that Sauber have been carbon neutral since 2011, at a time when there is so much pressure and demand on cleaning up the air around us in order to support not only the the environment and climate, but also our lives.

It comes as no surprise that Sauber are as carbon efficient as they are, given the fact that their Hinwil headquarters uses renewable energy which is generated on site. Sauber are one of the very few companies in motorsport that have fully offset their CO2 emissions produced, including, Sauber employees flights across the globe!

The Swiss side are truly two-steps ahead in fighting climate and environmental change, and are now working towards the goal of reducing their total carbon footprint by December 2023. The team are well on their way to meeting Formula 1‘s goal of being a net carbon zero sport by 2030, following their recent award.

Alessandro Alunni Bravi, Managing Director of Sauber Group, is “proud” of what the team have achieved with it demonstrating their “full commitment to our planet”.

“Obtaining the Three-Star level within the FIA Environmental Accreditation Framework is a remarkable achievement, and a further confirmation of our pledge to reduce our environmental impact. For over a decade now, our company has made efforts to be fully carbon neutral, as well as implementing an increasingly wider range of initiatives as part of our sustainability programme. I am proud of this accomplishment, and how it represents our full commitment to our planet and to the people inhabiting it.”

Almira Tabakovic, Sustainability Specialist of Sauber Group, doesn’t see the most recent award as the endgame for the side, who are aiming for “even greater results”.

“Sauber Motorsport is part of the cultural, social and environmental fabric of our area and of the wider world, and for this reason we are deeply committed to social and ecological responsibility. Our efforts for sustainability carry a greater ambition, as they put the spotlight on what we need to achieve for the future of our planet and its people. The Three-Star level FIA Environmental Accreditation is not the conclusion of a journey, quite the opposite: it represents a starting point for our company to achieve even greater results.”