2022 Copper X Prix track layout revealed

The Copper X Prix circuit is the shortest of the 2022 Extreme E Championship so far at just 3.05 kilometres in length, but presents a technical design like a roller coaster.

“We have put a lot of emphasis on creating a layout which features plenty of fast, sweeping corners, variations in gradient to put the drivers’ technical skills to the test, alongside jumps which should ensure we see the full potential of the ODYSSEY 21 in Chile,” said series chief officer James Taylor.

“Given the width of the course there should also be multiple overtaking opportunities for the drivers throughout the weekend, meaning our first visit to South America promises to be a spectacular one.”

Taking place in Chile’s Atacama Desert, the course begins with a run leading into a chicane followed by an incline. Such elevation changes are prominent throughout the course, as well as a pair of jumps in the Continental Tire Traction Challenge super sector.

“It is certainly a very exciting course,” commented Championship Driver Fraser McConnell. “The layout allows you to really push and fine-tune those small details out on track, which will deliver a faster lap time. Finding every tenth that you can is going to be pivotal, especially with a shorter layout like this. It is very driver friendly.

“It is like a roller coaster out there. There are also plenty of blind crests, so you need to pick your spots, be committed, and have a visual line in your mind of what’s ahead, and being level on the jumps with the nose up.

“You are on the throttle eighty percent of the lap, flicking the ODYSSEY 21 left and right, getting some big air time, too.”

The course is significantly shorter than the previous two rounds in 2022; the Desert X Prix’s track is nearly twice as long at 6.9 km while the Island X Prix’s is 6.2 km.