Jason Pierre-Paul: Veteran pass rusher signs one year/$5.5 million deal with the Ravens

Two-time Super Bowl champion pass rusherJason Pierre-Paul has agreed to terms with the Baltimore Ravens to play with them for this season in exchange of $5.5 million dollars.

The Baltimore Ravens have had a rough start on the defensive front in this NFL season, specially noticed during last week’s loss to the Miami Dolphins, who had a three touchdown comeback to hand John Harbaugh’s team their first loss of the season.

The Ravens normally have a pretty solid defensive front that’s constantly terrifying opposing quarterbacks, but now they appear to have lost a bit of power rushing the passer, just having one sack in last week’s loss against the Dolphins, and just three against the Jets in Week 1.

Josina Anderson from CBS was the first to report the news.

The Ravens wanted to sign Pierre-Paul all along

The veteran pass rusher visited the Ravens during the offseason, back in June but they didn’t reach an agreement, but now after visiting the team last week the two parties agreed to a one year deal.

Jason Pierre-Paul previously won the Super Bowl with both the Giants and the Buccaneers and will be looking to bring his championship pedigree to Baltimore.

Pierre-Paul has talked about his near career ending injuries

In 2015, Jason Pierre-Paul lost his right hand index finger during a fireworks accident, that also damaged his thumb and middle finger, while playing for the Giants.

In 2019, while playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers he suffered a fractured neck after being involved in an automobile crash, but he triumphantly returned later in that season and was a key piece of the Bucs run to win the Super Bowl.

“I been through a lot and the things I go through, I just stick with happy thoughts. My father was blind at age of 30, 31 and me being born and he having to look after me when my mom was working. He never quit. To this day he’s still happy and joyful, and happy I am in another Super Bowl,” Pierre-Paul said the week prior to winning his second ring.