OM: the essential Mattéo Guendouzi

Of course it’s positive. I’m not happy, I’m super happy. Honestly, I don’t know what to tell you. I think there are three or four players who should be given a medal because it was a tour de force. There were so many matches to go, it’s not human. They managed really well, we spent a lot of energy because the way I want to play demands it. I want to congratulate the team tonight, it’s true that we wanted to win, but we didn’t succeed. It’s really positive “. These were the words of Igor Tudor after the draw against Rennes last Sunday (1-1). Meeting which concluded a first part of the championship where the Phocaeans are undefeated (six wins, two draws).

When Tudor talks about the few players to give medals to, he is probably talking about Valentin Rongier, who has just extended, Nuno Tavares, who ran again and again on his left flank, and perhaps also Mattéo Guendouzi. The midfielder, currently with the France national team, was probably not meant to be so useful. We remember a difficult preparation, during which we often saw him complaining, even going so far as to have a spat with his coach during the final friendly match against Milan.

He had to mourn the departure of Sampaoli

But all that went away when the results arrived. In Marseille, everything goes very quickly and in football, even more. Game and positive results and all forces are united. This is also the case of Mattéo Guendouzi and Igor Tudor who, again recently, made a few fondlings at a press conference.

The path traveled has been immense. On the one hand because the French international adored his ex-coach Jorge Sampaoli and on the other hand because Tudor is not there too much for cuddle therapy. What can shake at the start. On top of that, Guendouzi plays higher up the field, a position where it was hard to imagine him comfortable behind the two forwards. But nay. His passion and his pressing are wreaking havoc and doing a lot of good for OM.

He is one of the vice-captains

It’s not necessarily a new position. I started playing lower then higher at the start of the season. It is a position in which I learn. The axis of improvement is the 25 der, I have to be more efficient. It is beneficial for me because the coach can trust me in these two positions. It gives me more freedom. It doesn’t matter, the position, as long as I have the team. What matters to me the most is that, so as long as I’m on the pitch, I’m fine “Advanced the main interested party before the match against Frankfurt at the Orange Vélodrome (0-1).

He’s right, when he’s not on the pitch, something is missing. This was the case against Frankfurt, where his absence at kick-off surprised. We then observed perhaps one of the worst first periods for OM this season. But also and above all his exit when he had scored against his side and then equalized during OM-Rennes. Once again, it looked like he was starting to fly over the field. It is no coincidence that he is now number three in the hierarchy of captains after Dimitri Payet and Valentin Rongier. Guendouzi has become indispensable, also for Tudor