Valence is already rubbing its hands with its Georgian nugget Giorgi Mamardashvili!

Georgian football is currently experiencing a prosperous period in its history, at least the beginnings. Bordeaux fans are starting to catch a glimpse of restless winger Zuriko Davitashvili (21) while the country’s leading talent, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia (21), is set to rock Italy and Europe as he comes to sign at Napoli. However, another player from the Caucasus country is particularly distinguished in one of the five biggest championships. Direction Spain and La Liga where Giorgi Mamardashvili achieved a tour de force on the side of Valencia. Trained at Dinamo Tbilisi then loaned to Rustavi and FC Locomotive, the native of Tiflis caught the eye of Valencia CF, who brought him on loan with an option to buy. Initially planned to evolve with the reserve team in the third division, Giorgi Mamardashvili quickly knew how to find his place.

Taking advantage of the injury of Jasper Cillessen and that of the lining Jaume Domenech, he managed to be convincing and beat number 3 Cristian Rivero to climb in the hierarchy. So much so that after a convincing preparation, he started the La Liga season. Solid in goal, he made 2 clean sheets during the first 6 days participating in the good start to the season for Valencia. Benefits which also allowed him to start with Georgia on September 8, 2021 (he now has 3 caps to his credit). Amazed by his performances, the legendary former doorman of Valencia Santi Cañizares pleaded for his cause on the airwaves of Deportes Cope Valencia : “I don’t see any reason to doubt Mamardashvili’s tenure at the moment and I don’t think Bordalás either. You have to be patient with Giorgi Mamardashvili. He is a young goalkeeper who is in training, so he will make mistakes. He then launched a line of humor to support his position: “It’s fantastic management. It’s a good thing. I’m about to buy it myself.”

A release clause of 100 million euros

Young and therefore able to make mistakes, Giorgi Mamardashvili cracked on Matchday 5 of last season against Real Madrid and Karim Benzema in a 2-1 defeat. However, this did not erase his good performances, but the return of Jasper Cillessen relegated him to the hierarchy. However, the Che club did not stop believing in him by lifting the option to buy 850,000 euros at the end of December when he had not played for three months. In fierce competition with Jasper Cillessen and Jaume Domenech, where the Dutchman had the upper hand, the latter’s physical problems caught up with him in mid-January. More experienced, Jaume Domenech played against Sevilla on January 19 (1-1) and Atlético de Madrid on January 22 (3-2 defeat) without shining. In the process, Giorgi Mamardashvili released a convincing performance against Real Sociedad (0-0) and definitively took the role of number one, despite the return of Jasper Cillessen at the end of the season. Being also a starter in the Copa del Rey, he will be invaluable during the course until the final lost against Betis (1-1, 5-4 at TAB).

The road has been long and winding for the one who has achieved 9 clean sheets in 21 matches and conceding only 22 goals. Authoritative on his line with a style and precocity reminiscent of Thibaut Courtois or Gianluigi Donnarrumma, he is one of the most promising U21 goalkeepers on the planet with Anatoliy Trubin (Shakhtar), Gavin Bazunu (Southampton), Gabriel Slonina (Chelsea), Maarten Vandevoordt (Genk) or Ersin Destanoglu (Besiktas). Asked by Super Deportehe made a first conclusive assessment of his adventure in Valence: “For me, it was a very big challenge. Day after day I continue to work to grow as a footballer at Valencia CF. I want to be a better goalkeeper. in the future and I want to take advantage of the opportunity they gave me. I want to learn the language. Every day I work a little to learn, and although it’s very different from Georgian, I’m learning.” An apprenticeship that continues, but now with a new status. Causing the departure of Jasper Cillessen from the side of Nijmegen in the Netherlands and seizing the position of number one, Giorgi Mamardashvili quickly convinced Gennaro Gattuso who confirmed him in this role.

The 1m97 giant has played in six La Liga matches this season for two clean sheets and demonstrates that he can become essential over time. Still needing to improve his kicking game, but with great solidity in front of his line and a reassuring presence in the box and in the air, Giorgi Mamardashvili is also very good at getting to the ground quickly despite his large size. So many qualities that pushed Valencia to extend it until June 2027 with a release clause of 100 million euros. Particularly mentioned on the side of Tottenham where Hugo Lloris (35) arrives in his last years, there is no doubt that he will be of interest to prestigious formations. Nevertheless, he is currently planning on the side of Mestalla: “I am very happy and very happy to continue with Valencia CF. I want to be here for many years and continue to grow as a footballer. Be part of a team and an exciting project. I want to play a lot of games here and I work for it every day. Last year was amazing for me. I played in La Liga when I was 21 and it was amazing. Then we lost the Copa del Rey final, but nothing is over. I want to win a title here.” For Valencia and Georgia, the future looks more reassuring with Giorgi Mamardashvili in goal.