Shakira stops music video shoot to help journalist beaten by cops

A great commotion has caused Shakira to temporarily stop in the middle of the shooting of the music video of next single “Monotona“, alongside Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Ozuna.

Cataluia was the place chosen by the Colombian production team to record the scenes that gathered hundreds of fans and onlookers.

Last Saturday was an exhausting day of almost 15 hours of work for both singers. But the interpreter of “Te Felicito” never imagined that she would suddenly be forced to stop everything due to some worrying cries for help that were directed directly at her.

The scenes of the music video were shot in the afternoon, inside a supermarket and then continued at dawn in the downtown area of the city.

Spanish paparazzi Jordi Martin was there to capture every detail. It was him who, in the middle of filming, noticed the surreal scene and recorded everything.

It was an unfortunate incident involving a Colombian journalist, who would have been arrested by the police guarding the area in the middle of the city.

“I am a journalist! Help! They’re hitting me! Shakira!” he screamed. People started noticing, including the singer.

According to Jordi Martin, the reporter behaved defiantly, without giving further details as to why he was detained.

“This is a global scandal. He had a cocky attitude. When they asked for his documentation, he resisted. It was a horrible altercation. Shakira witnessed everything: “I looked at her face and it was a poem, it was a face of circumstance, “said Martin, mentioning that the singer realized the awkward situation.

Shakira ordered production to halt

Hence, Shakira personally ordered that filming be suspended, hoping that things would calm down and control of the set could be taken normally.

The paparazzi added that “we all witnessed the arrest with astonished faces, hallucinating with what we were seeing.”

In addition, she assured that the detained Colombian journalist “is known by Shakira’s family.” Hence, the Barranquilla born singer felt very affected and worried about discovering why the agents were doing something like that to someone she knew. Or perhaps embarrassed by the awkward situation.

Shakira was applauded admiration for not remaining indifferent and interrupting her professional commitments because someone asked her for help