Joe Burrow deleted Twitter and IG apps from his phone amid starting the season 0-2

Not many expected the Cincinnati Bengals to start the NFL season with two losses in as many number of games, specially after their sensational run last year reaching the Super Bowl and being just minutes away from winning the franchise’s first ever title.

Certainly not their quarterback and leader Joe Burrow, who has struggled alongside his offensive line in the start of the season.

Joe Burrow says he deleted social media apps from his phone

When asked about the rough star of the season and how he’s handling all of the outside noise from the media and fans, Joe Burrow revealed that he doesn’t have any more social media apps in his phone.

“What’s great is I don’t have Twitter or Instagram right now, so I’ve seen none of it,” Burrow expressed.

He then went on to explain the mindset that the team has and acknowledged that probably the reaction to their losses hasn’t been the best on social media and wants to change that.

“We’re focused on what’s going on in here. I’m sure it’s not a very good reaction, but I think it’ll be a different reaction as we get going here.”

Joe Burrow says there should be no panicking over the Bengals

Joe Burrow is aware that a slow start and being winless after two weeks compromises the Cincinnati Bengals chances to once again enter the NFL playoffs, specially in a loaded AFC, but the quarterback wants everybody to stay calm as there’s plenty of time for the team to solve its issues.

He said that everybody should take a deep breath and relax as they’re going to be fine, acknowledging the importance of this next game.

“Obviously we have to play well and get a win, you can’t go down 0-3. But nobody is panicking”, he told The Athletic.