Leonardo DiCaprio got dumped by Camila Morrone because he wanted to settle down

Leonardo DiCaprio might be finally ready to settle down, especially after the report we just got from ‘The Sun‘. Even though we are talking about a tabloid, they do specialize in celebrity news and this is one of the most talked-about people from Hollywood. Leonardo DiCaprio has been the butt of jokes for the better part of the last month after breaking up with model Camila Morrone.

Twitter users and some media outlets spoke about the actor’s alleged predilection for women not older than 25. It quickly became a whole phenomenon through memes and many different punchlines. But this report from ‘The Sun‘ might prove that Leo might be actually looking for something meaningful this time around. For a while, this fame was shared between other actors like George Clooney or Bruce Willis. They were always keen on dating younger models or actresses.

DiCaprio has always been keen on dating super models, his track record proves it but he knows he is getting to a certain age already. Now that he is starting to push 50, there’s a good chance that Leo might be after a slightly older lady who is already thinking about settling down as well. The Sun reported that Camila Morrone was focused on her career while Leo was already thinking about having children and staying home.

Once that Camila saw what Leo’s intentions were, the report confirmed she was the one who broke up with him. This helps clean Leonardo DiCaprio’s image after so much trolling from the internet. However, it still doesn’t speak well from a man who is nearing 50 and is still looking to date women under 30. As you may already know, DiCaprio is already going out with Gigi Hadid but the relationship haas remained casual so far.

Gigi Hadid apparently also wants to settle down

Even though the recent reports suggest Leo is having casual encounters with Gigi Hadid, they also confirm she wants something serious with the actor. The model already co-parents a daughter with singer Zayn Malik, which is a major plus for Leo’s pretensions. Accoriding to People, Leonardo DiCaprio is mesmerized by the model and their relationship could escalate quickly.