Las Vegas Grand Prix set to break records with Saturday race and latest start time in Formula 1 history

With the Las Vegas Grand Prix having been announced as next season’s penultimate race of the 2023 FIA Formula 1 World Championship, some fascinating details have been released regarding the schedule of the returning Grand Prix.

The famous strip last featured on the calendar in 1982, albeit in a car park; however, it’s going to be returning bigger and better than ever before with a somewhat questionable timetable.

Due to the time difference and with the ambition for Las Vegas to be a night race, it will have an official start time of 22:00 local time (PST) on Saturday 18 November.

It means that for viewers in the United Kingdom, they’ll need to have the TV on for a 06:00 (GMT) start on Sunday 19 November, with the vast majority of Europe needing to be awake by 07:00 (CET). With it not starting till 22:00 local time, the 2023 Las Vegas GP will be the latest in the sport’s history, whilst also being the fourth in its history to take place on a Saturday. The last Saturday race came in 1985.

The different schedule will see the usual Friday Practice sessions take place on the Thursday, with the final Free Practice session and Qualifying set to take place on the Friday. The effect this will have on TV audiences will be interesting to see, especially given the lateness of them and with them being towards the end of the working week.

The race will involve Fifty Laps of the 3.8-mile street circuit, which will include seventeen corners and part of the iconic Las Vegas strip.

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali is expecting the Las Vegas Grand Prix to take the sport to the “next level”, what that level is remains to be seen.

“The Las Vegas Grand Prix is going to take F1 race weekends to the next level,” said Domenicali.

“Staging a Grand Prix in the sports and entertainment capital of the world has allowed us to plan a truly spectacular celebration that has never been seen in our sport before, in the greatest arena on earth.

“The entire city is buzzing with excitement for next year’s race. Our fans simply don’t want to miss this event. It is clear the Las Vegas Grand Prix will be THE must-have ticket for 2023.”