Transfers: Announced at OM, he finally comes out of silence on his transfer window

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Announced at OM, he finally comes out of silence on his transfer window

Posted on September 21, 2022 at 01:00 by Axel Cornic

Gerard Deulofeu spoke about his future, he who was notably linked to Olympique de Marseille during the last summer transfer window. The Spaniard is one of the big surprises at the start of the season, like the entire Udinese team, currently third in Serie A ahead of AC Milan, Inter and Juventus.

After failing the FC Barcelonahis training club, Gerard Deulofeu chained adventures to the four corners of Europe to try to revive. He finally seems to have found stability in Italy, having made an excellent start to the season with theUdinese, with one goal and six assists in eight games in all competitions. Enough to give some regrets to theOM of Pablo Longoria, who followed him for a long time during the last summer transfer window?

Sampaoli wanted him since January 2022

Rarely theOM has been so active in the transfer market. Since the arrival of Pablo Longoria, the team is regularly modified in depth and in recent years more than twenty new players have arrived. However, this did not prevent Jorge Sampaoli from slamming the door! Last February, RMC Sports assured that the Argentinian had seen several of his requests being rejected and one of them concerned Gerard Deulofeu.

“This summer, I could have left the club, but it didn’t happen”

Jorge Sampaoli tried again this summer, but did not meet with better results and finally decided to leave theOM. The main interested party also returned to his fairly eventful summer transfer window. ” This summer, I could have left the club, but it didn’t happen ” has explained Gerard Deulofeu, during an interview with MARCA. ” I could have left, but only if my sale had been a good transaction for all, which was not the case “.

“It’s true, he had some big offers, but…”

The owner of theUdinese also addressed this topic, explaining that Gerard Deulofeu actually never lobbied to leave the club. It’s true, he had important offers, but the negotiations do not always have a good end and on his side, he never pressured to leave ” has explained Giampaolo Pozzo, at the microphone ofUdinese TV.

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