Atletico Madrid to expel members who directed racist insults at Vinicius

Atletico Madrid have condemned the racist chanting directed at Vinicius Jr prior to Sunday’s Madrid derby, with the club saying they will ban any members identified as having been involved.

A group of fans were filmed singing racial slurs at the Metropolitano Stadium before Real Madrid‘s 2-1 victory, and Atletico have moved quickly to denounce the events.

“Atletico Madrid emphatically condemns the unacceptable chants that a minority of fans made outside the stadium before the derby was played,” the club said in its statement.

“Our club has always been characterized by being an open and inclusive space for fans of different nationalities, cultures, races and social classes and a few cannot tarnish the image of thousands and thousands of Atletico fans who support their team with passion and respect.

“These chants cause us huge disgust and indignation and we will not allow any individual to hide behind our colours to utter racist or xenophobic insults. At Atletico Madrid we have zero tolerance for racism.

“For that reason we have contacted the authorities to offer them our collaboration in the investigation of the events that occurred outside the stadium and demand the identification of the people who participated, in order to proceed with the immediate expulsion of those who are members of the club.

“We would also like to invite all professionals involved in the world of football to reflect deeply. Making clear once again our strongest condemnation of these events, which have no justification whatsoever, we believe that what has happened in the days leading up to the derby is unacceptable. Fans are asked for sanity and rationality, and during the week, professionals from different fields generated an artificial campaign, lighting the fuse of controversy without measuring the repercussions of their actions and manifestations.

“The pain felt by the Red & White family for this event is enormous. We cannot allow anyone to link our fans with this behaviour and question our values because of a minority that does not represent us. Our decision is firm and emphatic. We will not stop until we expel those involved from the Red and White family because they cannot be part of it.”