Mercato Mercato – PSG: Barred by Donnarumma, Navas has not lost everything

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24hfootnews – PSG: Barred by Donnarumma, Navas has not lost everything

Posted on September 20, 2022 at 11:30 a.m. by Axel Cornic

At 35, Keylor Navas could still play at the highest level in Europe. His talent is undeniable, but Paris Saint-Germain made the choice this summer to bet on Gianluigi Donnarumma, much younger than him. A not really ideal situation for the Costa Rican, whose departure would not yet be compromised after the failure of the last transfer window.

Even after the end of the summer transfer window, the future of Keylor Navas caused a lot of ink to flow. After the Naples, it is indeed theOlympiacos who looked like he could land the keeper on loan… who ultimately stayed at the PSG. From now on, he will have to play the doubles of Gianluigi Donnarumma at least until January, when a door could well reopen for him.

Napoli wants to bet on Meret to forget Navas

It’s about Naples, where Keylor Navas was supposed to take the number 1 job ahead of a certain Salvatore Sirigu, a well-known name in PSG. It’s finally Alex Meret who holds this starting position and he does it rather well, since his team are currently leaders of Serie A after their recent victory over theAC Milan (1-2). Problem, his contract ends next June and after the failure Navas, Neapolitan leaders are said to have relaunched negotiations for an extension.

But it doesn’t go as planned

Initially felt as a danger for Keylor Navas, this extension could well become an opportunity. According to information from The Gazzetta dello Sport, Alex Meret would not have really appreciated the behavior of the Napoli during the summer transfer window and would therefore have no intention of rushing. No answer would therefore have arrived on the desk of its leaders, who would really start to worry about seeing the Italian leave for free in less than a year.

Without extension of Meret, flashback for Navas

always according to The Gazzettaeverything should be decided this fall for Alex Meret… but above all for Keylor Navas ! Because if the first does not come to extend by January 1, it is quite possible that the Napoli come back to the charge for the goalkeeper of the PSGwhich thanks to the new regulations of theUEFA could easily play any final stages of the Champions League.

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