OM: Matteo Guendouzi made Steve Mandanda lie

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OM: Matteo Guendouzi made Steve Mandanda lie

Posted on September 20, 2022 at 05:15 by Thomas Bourseau

Steve Mandanda left Marseille and OM after 14 seasons in Marseille. Now goalkeeper of Stade Rennais, Mandanda had tried to make fun of Matteo Guendouzi and his ability to score him a goal, it turned against the world champion.

Sunday was reunion day for Steve Mandanda. After spending 14 seasons as a player in the‘om, the new doorman Stadium Rennes returned to the Vélodrome, but as an adversary. Indeed, the Breton club moved to Marseille with the one who is nicknamed in the Marseille city as being Il Fenomeno.

Mandanda still close to the Marseille locker room

And while he still has a good relationship with some players in theOM as Pope Gueye revealed last Friday at a press conference, Steve Mandanda would have exchanged with Matteo Guendouzi before the meeting on Saturday about their opposition a few hours later.

Mandanda considered it “impossible” for Guendouzi to score a goal against him

Scorer both against his side and on behalf ofOM, Matteo Guendouzi revealed a little anecdote to Saber Desfarges for Prime Video Sports concerning the spade sent by Steve Mandanda. “I spoke with him last night. I had FaceTimed him and he said “no, you can’t score against me”. And unfortunately, it pains me a little that it’s against Steve Mandanda, but hey, it’s football, I gave him a good hug at the end of the match and everything was back to normal.

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