Barcelona: How a natural disaster prevented Lewandowski from ever playing in the Premier League

Soccer history is full of ‘what ifs’, and Robert Lewandowski has his own story. The Polish sensation, who once scored goals at Borussia Dortmund, Bayern, and now does so at Barcelona, three of Europe’s greats, was about to take another path in 2010. On that year, he changed Lech Poznan for Borussia Dortmund, which had then up-and-coming coach Jurgen Klopp.

A volcanic eruption kept Lewandowski away from the Premier League

Before signing for the German side, Lewandowski was inches away from putting pen to paper for the historic English club Blackburn Rovers. The Pole was going to travel to England to visit the English team’s facilities… but then the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajkull erupted and stopped air traffic in Europe for several weeks.

As a result of that, Lewandowski did not get to tour Blackburn Rovers’ facilities. “Did that change my life? Without a doubt, maybe if I had met Blackburn I would have stayed there,” the Pole has said on occasion.

Lewandowski was also close to LaLiga side in 2010

And even before that, Lewandowski had the option to play in LaLiga. It was Zaragoza who set their sights on what was then the top scorer in the Polish league. The interest of the team (now presided by Miami developer Jorge Mas) was published by the Polish media outlet Przeglad Sportowe and MARCA echoed that information. Zaragoza was willing to pay four million euros for the emerging star. Given what has happened since, that would have likely been the Spanish club’s best investment ever.

What are Robert Lewandowski’s hobbies?

Other little-known Lewandowski facts include his way of life and hobbies. In an article published by LaLiga, it’s pointed out that the Pole is a fitness buff, and that is one of the keys to his good shape at 34 years old. According to this information, Lewandowski controls even the positions in which he sleeps to try to avoid injuries. He also manages his diet as much as possible. Javi Martnez, his teammate at Bayern, pointed out that, no matter how hard he tried, he was never able to get him to try any sweets.

As for his hobbies, the Polish striker loves to play tennis, golf and, above all, attend Formula 1 races.