Meghan Markle’s tears as she bids farewell to the Queen

Since the news of Queen Elizabeth II‘s passing, feelings and emotions have been running high.

That was seen in Meghan Markle‘s reaction on Monday, as she said goodbye to the monarch at a historic funeral with tears in her eyes.

Prince Harry‘s wife stood next to King Charles III and the rest of the Windsors as they said goodbye to the Queen at Westminster Abbey.

A state funeral was held for the occasion ,and attended by more than 2,000 people and several of the world’s most important leaders. However, some of the spotlight was focused on Markle, due to her and her husband’s recent decisions regarding the British royal family.

How Meghan has dealt with Elizabeth II’s passing

The actress arrived at the church with a dejected and serious look on her face, though she couldn’t help but burst into tears after the service.

It’s clear that despite all the controversy and disagreements throughout the years, both her and Harry held the Queen in high regard.

What’s more, the Queen’s funeral was held at the same venue where Markle and Harry got married. Once the service was complete, everyone set off for Windsor Castle, where the last and most intimate farewell for Her Majesty took place.