Jérôme Rothen destroys French arbitration

French arbitration is more than ever criticized. Red cards issued without any restraint, controversial VAR management: the bosses of the game are in the crosshairs of the critics. And for Jérôme Rothen, it’s time to clean up.

“Today, there is the technical direction of the refereeing, directed by Mr. Garibian, and the French committee of the referees, directed by Mr. Borghini. They are overseen by Noël Le Graët. It always comes back to the same thing. Mr. Borghini is close, very close to Noël Le Graët, so in fact it’s all very political. (…) We are in a bubble but in a bubble, you are not progressing. They all have their hands tied. After a while you have to blow everything up if you want the refereeing to progress. (…) After a while, stop your nonsense. Get out everyone, we’re fed up. Noël Le Graët first. When Noël Le Graët leaves, all of them will get out and we’ll put it back in the middle of fans who love football.”he said at the microphone of RMC Sports.