Transfers – PSG: The incredible loss of Qatar in the transfer window

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PSG: The incredible loss of Qatar in the transfer window

Posted on September 19, 2022 at 4:10 p.m. by Thibault Morlain

Since his arrival at the head of PSG in 2011, QSI has not hesitated to take out the checkbook and spend crazy sums to recruit many players. However, the capital club would obviously have had delusions of grandeur on the transfer window given the sums spent and the real values. Explanations.

In 2011, the PSG therefore entered a new galaxy thanks to QSI and the financial power of Qatar. The capital club then no longer needed to look at the expense to recruit. Neymar was bought for €222m, Kylian Mbappé for €180m and even for average players, big checks were written. Too big checks though?

PSG, king of overvaluation?

Thus, according to the latest weekly letter from Football Observatorythe PSG would be one of the clubs that have overpaid their recruits the most since 2012. As far as the capital club is concerned, €1,010m was lost and the overall investment should have cost €848m, an estimated loss of €162m. In this little game, the PSG is 3rd in the standings. Manchester United is 1st with a loss of €238m, the Juventus is 2nd with a loss of €234m.

With Campos, is it over?

In recent years, the PSG had a habit of overpaying his recruits. But with the arrival of Luis Campos, that seems to be ancient history now. Indeed, during the last summer transfer window, the Portuguese showed it, he does not intend to give up. This was particularly the case with theInter-Milan and Sassuolo for Milano Skriniar and Gianluca Scamacca.

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