Transfers – PSG: Luis Campos uses the transfer window to clash

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PSG: Luis Campos uses the transfer window to clash

Posted on September 19, 2022 at 03:00 by Guillaume de Saint Sauveur

Very unhappy with the outcome of PSG’s summer transfer window, Luis Campos particularly regrets that the capital club did not sell more to afford more financial means and thus be more competitive on the market. Attacks that directly target Antero Henrique, in charge of sales this summer.

It’s a fact, the PSG lived a transfer window summer very hectic in the direction of arrivals with six new recruits (Vitinha, Ekitike, Mukiele, Renato sanches, Fabian Ruiz and Soler), but especially in the direction of departures with many undesirables whose management wanted to separate (Kurzawa, Icardi, Rafina, Gueye, Andrew Herrera, Kehrer, etc). Finally, most of these departures were recorded in the form of a loan, which did not at all satisfy Luis Campos.

“We don’t have the perfect balance”

Asked at the microphone of RMC Sport on Friday, the sports adviser of the PSG pointed the finger at transfer window summer with which he is not satisfied: ” If I am satisfied with the transfer window? No. Because at the end of the transfer window, we do not have the perfect balance. We have enormous quality in the workforce, there is no doubt. Afterwards, in the end, we do not arrive at perfection. It’s always difficult to have perfection but we try to work to be as close as possible. This is a serious problem for us who work every day “, first confided Fields.

“We have taken complex measures”

He continues, evoking without naming him the role ofAntero Henrique : ” HASith 54 players and the financial fair play which conditions a lot, PSG has an obligation to be in the nails of financial fair play. We started to design our team, we thought about how to reduce and, with complex financial fair play, we took complex measures. We set up a different model, with transfer window managers for the economic part, and me more on the sporting aspect (…) We arrived at the end and we were very conditioned by the model we found and we left the sportsman, I wouldn’t go so far as to say without a leg, but with a piece of the puzzle missing “, he explains.

Campos charges Henrique

And afterwards, still without naming him, Luis Fields indirectly tackled Antero Henrique which has not closed enough sales according to him: ” We didn’t have a good transfer window because it’s a transfer window like the last three seasons. It happened a bit the same. The transfer window is long, even if I’m personally against it, but that’s how it is, those are the rules of the game (…) We haven’t sold many players, we’ve loaned them out and they’ll come back next year. That’s why I say we didn’t have a good transfer window. From the moment when economic decisions condition the athlete, it’s not a good transfer window for me. “. The message got through.