The Packers poke fun at Aaron Rodgers with ayahuasca TD celebration, catch QB off guard

Aaron Rodgers found Allen Lazard for the first time this season to put the Packers ahead of the Bears for the 7-23 score before the end of the second quarter. Rodgers’ new favorite receiver all of a sudden led Aaron Jones and several other teammates in a celebration that caught the QB off guard.

Lazard grabbed the football and pretended it was a pitcher, and proceeded to fill imaginary cups in everyone’s hands. The Packers players then began, one by one, to fall on the ground and pretend they were in a psychedelic trip.

At this point, Rodgers comes up to Lazard shaking his arms like a shaman with a big grin on his face. Lip readers online deduced he said: “lol, what the f*ck?”. The Packers quarterback is a big practical joker and clearly got a kick out of his teammates’ surprise celebration.

Remembering Aaron Rodgers’ ayahuasca confession

During the offseason, Aaron Rodgers confessed on the Pat McAfee show that he sees football in a different light now: “I’ve been really enjoying football since I did ayahuasca.. the locker room is where the chemistry takes place”.

Initially, there were worries that he may have violated the NFL substance policy in some way. Luckily for him and the Green Bay Packers, this wasn’t the case.