Rodrygo scored and danced with Vinicius as objects rained down from stands

Rodrygo Goes scored Real Madrid’s opening goal at the Civitas Metropolitano stadium after a spectacular pass from Tchouamni… and danced.

The Brazilian went to the corner flag with his compatriot Vinicius and danced, quickly joined by other Real Madrid players.

At that very moment, several objects fell from the stands, forcing the referee to alert the field marshal.

A call to stop the aggressiones was made over the stadium’s speaker.

Vinicius makes fans more angry

After the goal and the dance, Vinicius made a gesture of rage that was also captured by the cameras and caused the jeers to increase.

Earlier, during Real Madrid’s huddle, referee Munuera Montero had to pick up some objects that had fallen from the stands to pitch.

He also went to the field marshall in that occasion but fans evidently did not listen.

The match was not resumed until a message was broadcast over the public address system requesting that no objects be thrown and that the players be respected.