Boxing: Golovkin and Alvarez’s sweet embrace after the fight: “If you think Canelo’s not a warrior, you know nothing!”

The third fight of the Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin was hardly a classic, as it was overwhelmingly one-sided. Luckily, GGG was aware of this fact, and all of a sudden the tension that had built up in the weigh-ins and other pre-fight events quickly subsided with a warm embrace by both fighters.

Golovkin, interviewed inside the ring for the entire T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas to hear, said the following as he shook his opponent’s hand: “I’m going to shake hands with Canelo, he’s a real warrior. If you don’t understand that, you don’t understand nothing”.

Canelo returned the favor, using a translator, to mirror Golovkin’s word and simply say: “I’m glad to be sharing the ring with him”. Nevertheless, the fighter from Guadalajara, Mexico, made sure to wear a golden crown to remind everyone that he’s the champ.

Golovkin also reminded the crowd of his past accomplishments and ensured he’s not done yet: “I have a great plan, I’m still champion. Remember, I have three belts in 160. I will come back!”.