Barcelona: Xavi: Titles are won by squads, not the starting line-ups

Xavi is happy with Barcelona‘s start to the 2022/23 season, with the Catalan club securing a fifth domestic win in a row on Saturday by defeating Elche 3-0.

Even though Elche went down to 10 men early on, Barcelona still struggled to break them down initially and Xavi discussed this afterwards.

“This was an important win against a very defensive formation, a 5-4-1,” the coach stated.

“In the end, it became easier than we’d expected, as it would have been harder against 11 men.

“We could then enjoy the second half more.

“It was been a very positive start to the season. It’s just a shame we didn’t win against Bayern Munich or Rayo Vallecano.

“Fans are coming to the stadium because we’re doing well and there are high expectations.

“We’re doing well and have a deep squad, with everybody very prepared and plugged in, ready for when they’re called upon.

“With this weird year and busy schedule, we won’t always have rest, so we’ll need all the players of the squad.

“I have lots of options and, in the end, titles are won by squads, not the starting line-ups.”

There is a break coming up this week, though, with players going away to represent their national teams.

“I’ll relax and disconnect a little in these two weeks, because then we have a very intense schedule,” Xavi said.

“We’ll have matches every three days, which will be difficult.”

Asked if he’ll watch Sunday’s Madrid derby, which will determine whether or not Barcelona stay top of the table over the international break, Xavi explained that he wasn’t sure.

“I’ll try to watch it, if my kids let me,” he joked.

“Being top would be good, but it’s not so important right now. It’s nice to go to bed tonight at the top of the table.”