PSG: Campos points to the person responsible for Mbappé’s extension


Paris Saint-Germain sports adviser Luis Campos was the guest this Friday on Jérôme Rothen’s show, Rothen s’ignite, on RMC. The Portuguese spoke in particular about the extension of Kylian Mbappé, snatched this summer before Real Madrid, who wanted the French striker.

Kylian Mbappe, Paris Saint-Germain

Luis Campos affirms it: he has nothing to do with Kylian Mbappé’s contract extension: “I arrived before its extension. Contacts have been made before. And that’s not why (his arrival at PSG) he extended. I have known Kylian (Mbappé) for 14, even 15 years. He knows his role and I too have a CV to come here. The president did not take the counselor from a club in a small village. (…) When we spoke with Kylian, it was a huge job for the president. It’s thanks to him. For Ligue 1 too, it is very important. What did we promise Kylian Mbappé? Building a great team. He never mentioned player names. It is thanks to President Nasser (Al-Khelaïfi) that we kept Kylian Mbappé.

The 23-year-old Frenchman, who would have extended until 2024 with an optional additional year, is making an excellent start to the season (8 games in all competitions, 10 goals).

Riolo doesn’t understand the intention to renew Ramos and Messi

On the same radio, RMCDaniel Riolo told him that he did not understand how the Spaniard Sergio Ramos and the Argentinian Lionel Messi, “old and finished”could be in an internal discussion at PSG regarding a possible extension: “What planet are you from to consider contract extensions for (Lionel) Messi and (Sergio) Ramos? (…) With the salaries they have, and especially their impact on the athlete, are you going to extend them? Sometimes you shouldn’t try to understand how they reason, because they don’t reason like us. They have other purposes that are sometimes hard to understand.”

Lionel Messi (35 years old) is however having a good start to the season (10 games, 5 goals, 8 assists), as is Sergio Ramos (36 years old), who plays a lot (10 games, 1 goal), unlike last year. last (13 games, 2 goals).