David Beckham makes a 12-hour queue to pay his respects to Queen Elizabeth II

Even though he’s been getting invitations to attend Royal Family events for decades, David Beckham was part of the crowd who wanted to pay respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II. The funeral will take place next Monday at Westminster Abby and he doesn’t know if he’ll be part of the guest list. But that wasn’t going to stop David Beckham from paying his respects to her, he would do what ever it took to say his final farewell.

As a result of this determination, we got to see a surreal moment as an ITV reporter spotted Beckham inside the queue alongside civilians on the day they can see the late Queen for one last time. When he was questioned about his experience making the line, we discovered he had been doing it for 12 hours. This line to pay respects to the late Queen is miles long, it goes through landmarks such as the London Eye, the Royal Festival Hall and the Globe Theater.

How did Beckham spend the time doing the line?

When approached by reporters, David Beckham explained why he doesn’t mind doing hte line. He also revealed he’s been talking to everybody who approaches him and downing snacks while he keeps advancing. Here’s what he said: “We all want to be here together, we all want to experience something where we celebrate the amazing life of our queen. You know something like this today is meant to be shared together.

“So, you know the fact that we’ve been here. We’re eating Pringles. We’re eating Sherbet Lemons, sandwiches, and coffee. You know I always wanted to represent my country, to be captain in my country, and every time that we stood there when we wore those Three Lion shirts, and I had my armband and we sang, you know, ‘God save our queen.’ That was something that meant so much to us.”

When asked if his knees were okay due to all the time he’s been standing up, Beckham said he was fine but his back was a little sore. The Inter Miami owner was wearing a black suit, navy coat and a flat cap while waiting with the rest of the people. It is unknown for how much longer David Beckham waited to pay his respects to the late Queen.

Even though he does have an Order of the British Empire title (OBE), Beckham decided to not use his VIP card and pay his respects like the rest of the people. Hats off to Becks for being such a mensch.