Tom Brady on facing Saints: It’s a tough environment to play…

Tampa Bay Buccaneers opened its third season with seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady at quarterback by riding running back Leonard Fournette’s 127 yards rushing to a comfortable 19-3 victory over Dallas.

But Brady is wary of facing the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. While Brady won a Super Bowl in his first season with Tampa Bay and made the playoffs in his second, the Bucs have gone 0-4 in regular-season games against New Orleans during that span. Brady has thrown eight interceptions in those losses.

“They are a very physical team. I think they beat us up physically,” Brady said. “It’s a tough, hard-nosed team. They’re very well coached, they’ve got a lot of good players.”

“They’ve kind of had a winning organization for a long time. They know how to get the job done. They’ve got a lot of great core players on both sides of the ball that have been there a long time. It’s a tough environment to play but you’ve got to go play… you play good teams on the road, you’ve got to go play well. The last couple times we’ve played them, we haven’t done a great job of that.”