Justin Herbert’s availability for Week 3 in peril: the Chargers QB could barely run or throw with likely rib fracture

Superlatives aren’t enough to describe Justin Herbert’s late-game heroics. They didn’t give his team the win, and it was probably not the wisest decision on his part (and the Chargers’ coaching staff). But nevertheless, Herbert showed incredible heart, and quality to finish the game and give his team a chance to recover an onside kick for the tie or win.

The Chargers will have to run some tests on Herbert, but medical experts are pointing to the fact that it is more than likely a rib fracture. This is a terrible injury for a quarterback, a position that requires heavy rotation of the rib-cage. There are however remedies and even special vests that QBs have worn in the past for protection.

Tony Romo, in 2013, had four cracked ribs and a punctured lung. He was still able to play thanks to a special protective shirt designed by Unequal Designs made with a half-inch of ballistic material. The same things happened to Drew Brees in the year 2000. Will Herbert require a similar vest?

Only time will tell. Chargers head coach Brandon Staley didn’t seem too concerned after the game. The fact that L.A.’s next game will be in 10 days likely has something to do with it. However, Herbert didn’t speak to media after the game, which is indicative that a significant injury has been sustained.