RaceFans Round-up: Porsche would be “great addition” for F1

In the round-up: Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff hopes Porsche finds a way into Formula 1, after the brand confirmed its talks with Red Bull over a tie-up were off.

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In brief

Big brands like Porsche “important for F1”

An entry by Porsche would “definitely be accretive to Formula 1”, said Porsche, after its plans to enter with Red Bull in 2026 fell through. “They just need to figure out if there’s another interesting project, whether they can buy a team,” he said. “Maybe that’s not ’26, maybe that’s ’27 or ’28, but it would be a great addition to the region overall.”

Manufacturers like Porsche are more likely to add value to their participation in F1, said Wolff. “Every large corporation, especially auto companies – not only all of the companies because Red Bull is also pretty good at that – that not only buys a racing team and invests large amounts of money into running it, but invests even more into activation is beneficial for Formula 1.

“If a brand like Porsche that is known all over the world puts their marketing dollars into activating Formula 1, we will all be benefitting. And I think this is the important part – not just having a team and running it but in all the markets that we race, big advertising, big campaigns, putting the brand out there that. That’s why having these big brands in Formula 1 is important.”

Alonso was the “villain” when I watched F1 – Stroll

Alonso’s 2023 team mate used to root for his rival

Lance Stroll admits he didn’t root for his future team mate Fernando Alonso when he watched F1 as a child. “Watching him on the TV in 2004 or ’05, ’06, when he won his championships fighting against Schumacher – I was a Schumacher supporter.”

Stroll admitted to Alonso “he was like he was like the bad guy in my eyes – I was like six like in the movies, the villain.”

“But I always knew he was always very, very exciting and fun to watch,” Stroll added. “And still is. One of the best drivers out there. And he’s still hustling at 42 or whatever he is. So, you know, no pressure.”

FIA appoints first CEO

The FIA has appointed its first ever CEO. Natalie Robyn will join the governing body of motorsport “in the near future”, it says. She was previously the CEO and managing director of Volvo Switzerland and before that worked for Nissan and Daimler.

“The appointment of Natalie Robyn as our first ever CEO is a transformative moment for our federation,” said FIA president Mohamed Ben Sulayem. “Her extensive experience and leadership will be crucial to improving our finances, governance and operations.

“She has a proven track record of delivering diversification and growth, as well as developing executive leadership capabilities which will be an extremely valuable asset to the FIA and our Members and I welcome her to the team.”

Blakeley adds another F1 Esports win

McLaren’s Lucas Blakeley repeated his win from the opening round of the F1 Esports series, beating Red Bull pair Marcel Keifer and Frederik Rasmussen at Imola.

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Adam Milleneuve (F1 Badger), Joao Pedro Cq, Handcart and Discotheque!