Pique’s ‘tricks’ to cheat on Shakira without her knowing about it

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique was alleged to have had affairs during his time with Shakira.

According to Spanish paparazzi Jordi Martin, the player used certain methods to avoid being caught.

“Pique, when he sees a girl, knows perfectly well the measures he has to take,” Martin said.

“That is to say, if he goes to a hotel and meets a girl, she goes first, he parks the car, goes up to the room alone and the girl goes up alone.

“The girl leaves the hotel alone and he leaves alone. That’s the modus operandi that Pique has used for many years.”

The break-up between Shakira and Pique was made official on June 4, however, there are images of the defender with his new girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti, dating back to February.

The aforementioned columnist had accused the sportsman of double-crossing.

“Pique has a best friend. Clara was the girlfriend of the brother of Pique’s friend. From the moment they met, he was smitten by the girl.

“They exchanged phone numbers, at first they met secretly. Then he not only takes the girlfriend away from his best friend’s brother, but also fires him from Kosmos, and hires the girl.”

Martin also recounted how Shakira assumed she might be being tricked.

“When they arrive from Disneyworld, Pique asks her for time because he was overwhelmed with his business. Shakira tells him ‘don’t worry because I have to leave for 17 days to record in the United States’.

“She offers him a couple’s therapy, which he refuses, so she realises that it’s not going to improve the relationship, that it’s not an up and down, but that there’s something else going on.

“That’s when all the alarm bells go off for Shakira and she decides to hire a private detective to get concrete and precise information for the situation we are in, which is the custody of the children.”

One of the first infidelities, according to the Spanish journalist, was with Nuria Tomas.

“Today she is happily married, she has just become a mother, at the time she was single,” he explained.

“That meeting took place in Nuria’s flat. He was with the Spanish national team training camp, he went to Nuria’s flat in a taxi, they met for two hours and returned with the national team.

“I passed this information on to Shakira’s brother a few days ago, to Tonino, Shakira is aware of this infidelity.”

Finally, Jordi, spoke of another alleged affair of the Barcelona centre-back.

“I’ve taken out the 2016 one, now let’s go for the 2020 one. Catalan [woman],” he said.

“Initials: JP. It happened in a well-known nightclub in Barcelona. It’s not known and it happened in the bathroom of a nightclub.”