Andy Delort apologizes to Algerians

More than a year after his last appearance for the Greens, OGC Nice striker Andy Delort will make his return to the Algerian team during the international break in September. The announcement is not yet official, but coach Djamel Belmadi should trust the 30-year-old striker again. The latter also spoke to the official media of the Algerian Federation, apologizing to the supporters for his absence and his lack of clarity on the situation.

“I yearn to play again for Algeria, to notice and have fun on the pitch, he said on the microphone of FAFTV. I had signed a long contract with Nice, there was a lot of competition. (…) I hid things from the coach concerning a personal problem which meant that I could not leave so far from my family. It took me a long time to tell the coach, that’s what he blamed me for. I should have been clearer and more frank with him and maybe it wouldn’t have happened like that. I want to apologize to the people and I yearn to show all the love I have for this jersey and for this country.