Boxing: Jake Paul: Floyd Mayweather paid off judges to score for Gervonta Davis

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul has not hesitated to accuse Floyd Mayweather of bribing judges to score for his protege Gervonta Davis in fights.

Ahead of a potential bout between ‘Tank’ Davis and Ryan Garcia, which could be scheduled for December, Paul claimed that Mayweather Promotion are paying judges to favour Gervonta.

“A hundred percent. I’m rooting for Ryan in that fight,” said Paul.

“It’s gonna be a tough fight. I think it’s 50-50 fight. But you know Gervonta hasn’t shown really the ability to win a lot of rounds. Like with Barrios, he was losing a lot of those rounds on my scorecard.

“Obviously, he is a Mayweather he’s in the Mayweather protection program so a lot of the judges are probably paid off to score for Gervonta. But Barrios was winning those rounds in my opinion until he got dropped. So, if Ryan can just not get hit with those big punches, then I think he could pull it off.”

In a recent interview for FightHype, Paul hit out at Davis for accusing Devin Haney of dressing like ‘Tank’.

“I mean it’s just corny like Gervonta was just basically online saying that Devin dresses like him and s***,” Paul noted.

“It’s like all people wear the same diamond, the same jewellery, the same watches, the same cars. It’s guys like Gervonta with God complex that think they invented fashion or they invented jewellery. So, it was just funny to see. Yeah, Devin’s my boy, so I gotta clown some of his opponents.”