Transfers – PSG: A hot transfer window issue settled by Jorge Mendes?

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PSG: A burning issue of the transfer window settled by Jorge Mendes?

Posted on September 14, 2022 at 11:10 p.m. by Arthur Montagne

Presented as a great football hope, Warren Zaire-Emery took time to decide for his future. But he finally signed his first professional contract at PSG, in particular thanks to the intervention of Jorge Mendes, a close friend of Luis Campos.

For several seasons, the PSG struggling to keep and rely on its players from its training center. Latest cases, xavi simons and Edward Michutwho have played very little with Mauricio Pochettinoto the point of leaving the club this summer.

Mendes took matters into his own hands for Zaire-Emery

Therefore, the case Zaire-Emery quickly became a hot topic in the PSG. Presented as a huge crack, the young midfielder was waiting to sign his first professional contract. It took until May for that to happen. Warren Zaire-Emery is therefore now linked to the Parisian club until 2025.

Campos-Mendes, the new strong axis of PSG

A nice shot facilitated by Jorge Mendes as it recalls The Parisian. Indeed, the famous agent took under his wing Warren Zaire-Emery and agreed to sign a first professional contract at PSG. I have to say that Jorge Mendes is very close to Luis Campos, which must have helped during the negotiations.