the hot reaction of Christophe Galtier after the success in Haifa

At PSG, it was not the collective that made the powder speak tonight but the individual talent of its attacking stars. Messi, on a job from Mbappé, Mbappé on an offering from Messi, and Neymar thanks to a ball over Verratti’s defense scored the three Parisian goals this evening on the lawn of Maccabi Haifa (3-1 victory). With hindsight, the three points allow the capital club to take first place in Pool H, tied with Benfica. This is the most important but basically, it was hard. The Parisians were taken by the throat by the opposing pressing, unable to develop their game. Worse still, they failed to score their big chances during this first act.

“We had 2 or 3 big situations in the first period. It pushed hard and more with the big atmosphere. We were not well organized, quickly cut in half, which gave chances for the opponentsobserves Galtier. It gave a very difficult first period even if we have two or three face to face. We had to rectify things, be much more compact, better placed without being cut in two. We had a good second half with very favorable situations, despite very good opponents. We had to react after this more than average first period, and react on a tactical level. This was the case with very favorable situations and well-constructed goals.

An attacking trio out of position

At the microphone of RMC Sports, the Parisian coach insisted on defending his attacking trio, whose placement annoyed his team, allowing the opposing side to dominate. One has been cut. “We were low and they were high. They wanted to get the ball back as soon as possible and that gave a lot of space behind our trio. We were really outnumbered in the middle. Things changed at the break. “From the moment the three came down and got into the block, it hindered their ball exit better and we won the ball in important areas, which allowed us to be a point better. of offensive view” he continues.

According to him, it was necessary to restore order and make his players understand the method to be used. For this, he swapped the positions of Mbappé and Neymar. “It was not ill will but a poor analysis of the pressure between our midfielders and the attacking trio. It was corrected at the break as soon as we repositioned Ney on the left side, it gave us more balance. Still, despite the poor overall performance, PSG also fished in the last gesture, an unusual waste. “We had good situations but the lawn often caught the ball. We experienced technical errors that we are not used to in a complicated environment. »