Aaron Judge’s historic season should get a lot more attention: Why is it being ignored?

It’s been too long since we have been this close to a new MLB home run record being broken, Aaron Judge just got his No. 56 and 57 homers at Fenway Park on Tuesday.Get this, he has 20 games left in the regular season and he is only five homers away from surpassing Roger Maris’ 61 record. But why isn’t this historic season from Aaron Judge getting more attention?

The answer to this has many layers that we need to discuss, explaining is not as easy and simple as it sounds. For starters, there isn’t another slugger competing aainst Judge for this record. Back in 1998, it was McGwire, Sosa and Griffey Jr. at one point chasing Maris. Then it was Sosa vs McGwire alone. During that year, Mark broke the record and finished the season with 71 home runs but reality struck right after.

The infamous steroid era

The second reason Aaron Judge’s record-chasing season is going almost unnoticed is a hard one to swallow for MLB fans. Even though those legendary players made the entire world unite over baseball, the steroid use scandal left a stain that still remains to this day. Barry Bonds broke McGwire’s record a few years later but he is probably one of the league’s biggest steroid users.

People were disenchanted by the idea that most of these sluggers were cheaters of this sport. Aaron Judge is not getting that much coverage over his possible record simply because the whole concept has been corrupted. That and the only ones who can compete against him have 20 or more home runs less than him this season. Mike Trout seats at 35 and teammate Shohei Ohtani at 34.

Judge is also after the triple crown in MLB

The eluside triple crown in baseball is getting the highest batting average, the most home runs and the most RBIs in a single regular season. Very few players in history can get this distinction by the end of the year and Judge is after this record as well. With 57 homers and 123 RBIs, Judge already leads two of the three departments.

However, his .310 batting average is surpassed by Minnesota Twins’ Luis Arraez (.319), Red Sox’s Xander Bogaerts (.318) and White Sox’s Jose Abreu (.312). Aaron Judge can definitely finish the season at the top but the task is highly difficult to complete.