Contingency plan for Super Bowl: Dallas to host if Los Angeles can’t because of Covid-19

Dallas ABC affiliate WFAA reported Wednesday that the NFL has contacted the Dallas Cowboys and Arlington city officials to see about the availability of AT&T Stadium in the event Super Bowl LVI cannot be held in California.

Record number of COVID-19 infections in Los Angeles

For the time being, the venue remains SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, just outside Los Angeles, a city that in recent days has seen record numbers of infections that led to the implementation of sample vaccination testing mandates at venues such as Universal Studios and Six Flags amusement parks.

Despite this, there has been no reduction in capacity or postponement of games. The last one to be held at SoFi was the Denver Broncos vs. Los Angelers Chargers last Sunday, in front of 70,240 fans.

Also on Wednesday, the Grammy Awards, which were to be held at the Arena in downtown Los Angeles, were postponed indefinitely due to the increase in contagions.

Contingency scenario

We plan to play Super Bowl LVI as scheduled

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy

Faced with this situation, the NFL knocked on Arlington’s door and the city and the Cowboys say they are ready to host the Super Bowl, although the league is adamant about holding it at SoFi Stadium, which was originally going to host the LV edition, but a construction delay postponed plans for a year.

“We plan to play Super Bowl LVI as scheduled, at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on February 13. As part of our contingency planning we do for all regular season and postseason games, we have contacted several teams to see about the availability of their stadiums in the event it cannot be played as scheduled due to weather situations or unanticipated circumstances. Our process for the Super Bowl in Los Angeles is ahead of schedule and we look forward to hosting the Super Bowl to cap off a fantastic season for fans and teams,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told WFAA. Brian McCarthy.

Cowboys Stadium is not a future Super Bowl venue (Phoenix will be in 2023, Las Vegas in 2024 and New Orleans in 2025. Tampa was in 2021, Miami in 2020 and Atlanta in 2019), which is part of the requirements to be an emergency venue. It hosted the NFL finals in February 2011, when the Green Bay Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in the XLV edition.