Lone gunman who attacked FBI office revealed as Trump fanatic

Records and sources on Friday revealed that the pro-Trump shooter who was killed by Ohio police on Thursday after he attacked the FBI’s Cincinnati field office with a nail gun was a Navy veteran with top-secret clearance who served on submarines and appeared to have a need for speed.

According to a speeding ticket obtained by NBC News, Ricky Walter Shiffer admitted to the Minnesota police officer that he had a “lead foot” after being stopped for driving his red Ford Mustang at 50 mph in a 30 mph zone.

According to the ticket, Shiffer was residing in St. Cloud, Minnesota at the time. This was one of many tickets he amassed before and after being released from the Navy in 2003.

“The FBI previously received information about Ricky Shiffer, the individual who attempted to breach the Visitor Screening Facility at the FBI Cincinnati Field Office on August 11, 2022,” the FBI said in a statement released Friday.

“The information did not contain a specific and credible threat. However, multiple field offices made attempts to locate and interview Shiffer which were unsuccessful.”

Who was Ricky Walter Shiffer?

Shiffer joined the Navy in June 1998 and underwent 10 months of training before being assigned to the USS Columbia. His task was to supervise the electronic machinery used by weapons like missiles and torpedoes.

He was 42 years old on Thursday when he passed away following a standoff with pursuing police officers.

Shiffer moved from state to state after leaving the Navy after five years of service, according to records.

He managed to accrue speeding tickets along the way in Florida, Ohio, Hawaii, and Ohio, as well as other traffic violations in Virginia, according to records.

But before Thursday, Shiffer had his most serious run-in with the law in July 2003, when the Moorhead, Minnesota police detained him and charged him with “obstructing legal process,” a misdemeanor to which he later entered a guilty plea.